KDEPrint code cleanup

Dominik Seichter domseichter at web.de
Fri Aug 1 10:41:12 BST 2003


Am Freitag, 1. August 2003 11:24 schrieb Michael Goffioul:
> I plan to do some large code cleanup in KDEPrint, including:
> - use of "KDEPrint" namespace for internal classes (external classes
>    KPrinter and KPrintDialogPage would stay untouched for BC)
> - rename some classes (ex: KMManager -> KDEPrint::Manager)
> - make use of shared pointers for various items like driver DB
>    entries, driver data structures, or internal printer representation
> - maybe some other little changes I didn't think about yet
>  From the application point of view as well as internal mechanism
> (how KDEPrint actually works), it shouldn't change anything
> (except for me).
> Does anybody object to this?
In KBarcode I use the header kdepint/kmmanager.h and the classes KMManager and 
KMPrinter. As the header was installed as default, I thought it was part of 
the public API and I could use it. If you rename KMManager this would break 
KBarcode. So I object therefore. 

Both above mentioned classes are needed in KBarcode so that the user can 
specify a printer name as commandline option and KBarcode can print to it. 
Maybe this can also be done without using this classes, but I have no idea how 
to do it.

CU Dom
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