QStyle::stylePixmap, KDockWidget header height

Josef Weidendorfer Josef.Weidendorfer at gmx.de
Mon Sep 30 10:25:24 BST 2002


On Sunday 29 September 2002 22:58, Thomas Zander wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 29, 2002 at 10:19:06PM +0200, Hans Meine wrote:
> > How about introducing QStyle::SP_SmallTitleBarCloseButton or a
> > separate flag which tells the style that it's not about the "outer"
> > window's titlebar but about an "inner" (MDI-like) window?
> >
> > I don't think themeable close buttons for dock widgets are a bad
> > idea.. ;-)
> As an addition; the idea that QDockWindows have a different close button
> then main windows seems a bit odd to me in the first place. I certainly
> agree they should look different; but I have a theme that has the close
> button on the left its really wierd that the QDockWindows (toolbars etc)
> have the close button on the right.
> If nothing else; the close button should listen to main closebutton look
> and feel of the style.

Shouldn't there be a Windows flag for MDI windows to ask the window
manager for a MDI frame decoration?
There could be running another window manager (!= KWin) with its own toplevel
decorations. So a KDE app NEVER can mimic the toplevel decorations.

Is there already something like this in the WMNET protocol ?

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