QStyle::stylePixmap, KDockWidget header height

Cristian Tibirna tibirna at kde.org
Mon Sep 30 13:04:30 BST 2002

On Monday, 30 September 2002 05:25, Josef Weidendorfer wrote:
> Hmmm...
> Shouldn't there be a Windows flag for MDI windows to ask the window
> manager for a MDI frame decoration?
> There could be running another window manager (!= KWin) with its own
> toplevel decorations. So a KDE app NEVER can mimic the toplevel
> decorations.
> Is there already something like this in the WMNET protocol ?
> Josef

There was a proposal in the first version's discussions, but it was dropped as 
too broad in scope. It's possible to be added in future versions, if I recall 

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