kdebase-020921 problems

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Fri Sep 27 21:20:19 BST 2002

Kurt Pfeifle wrote:

> Hi, David,
> first of all, I'd like to say a big "Thank you" to you, for taking
> the trouble to compile fairly current versions of KDE on *Solaris*
> and report bugs or glitches. We've too few people doing this!
> I think, not everybody has noticed the OS you was refering to.
> Plus you was talking to the "core-devel" list, where everybody
> reporting s.th. normally reports about a thing happened with the
> "last night" build on Linux.
> The tone here is sometimes a bit direct, but it is not meant to
> be personal. I think it is good you've put things into context.
> Sorry, if you felt unhappy about the first answer you got.
> I am not a core developer myself, and am only "tolerated" on this
> list because I normally keep quite...  ;-)  Plus maybe, because
> I seem to be "Betatester No. 1" for all new KDEPrint features..
> As I don't see this role filled for a Solaris guy yet, this
> should be no problem. So, welcome!
> I am not at all familiar with Solaris nor what might be the special
> things you need to change. However, I was struggling over weeks
> and months to get my KDE CVS to compile for me. My first build
> from CVS also took nearly a week. Now I am on a schedule to
> rebuild every few days during the night, and I have been doing
> nearly all my work since last October on KDE-CVS systems, with
> no major problems... (keeping important data in a safe backup
> however).
> I learned to do and use a few things to make this possible:
> * not using CVS-snapshots (which require huge downloads
>   every time, but directly (read-only) accessing the CVS
>   repository (which only downloads the diffs). If something
>   doesn't compile, a simple "cvs update" 10 minutes later
>   command might make it work already...
> * initially I was not able to make CVS connections with the setup
>   of our firewalling proxy; I learned to use "transconnect",
>   which provides proxying over the https proxy, by LD_PRELOAD-ing
>   all CONNECT calls with its own library functions. If you
>   need that because you are in a similar situation, see
>   http://transconnect.sourceforge.net/
> * automating the "cvs update" and build process with some little
>   shell scripts, written by Michael Goffioul, probably similar to
>   the ones everybody here uses...

Oh, and I forgot to mention:

   * "ccache" -- a compiler cache which works fine for me on
     Linux. It safes at least 50% of time in re-compilation even
     after a "make clean"! ccache is written by Andrew Tridgell
     from the Samba Team and used by them on their compilation
     farm to speed up new testbuilds


--> I am currently trying to get "distcc" to work (which uses
     a distributed compilation across different hosts) but had
     no luck so far with KDE...


> You seem to be much more of a programmer than I am. But if you
> think I can provide you with some more tipps, write me mail!
> Again, thank you for testing KDE on Solaris!
> Cheers,
> Kurt

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