kdebase-020921 problems

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Fri Sep 27 17:32:58 BST 2002

David F. Newman wrote:

> On Friday 27 September 2002 07:21 am, Stephan Kulow wrote:
>>Am Thursday 26 September 2002 17:11 schrieb David F. Newman:
>>>Just wanted to report a problem I see with kdebase-020921.
>>What's the point in reporting problems 5 days after they happened?
> How about the hope that someone might have seen this already,
> didn't open a bug report, and could tell me that it has already been 
> fixed.  Otherwise, open a new bug report for it and then fix it.
> The alternative would be for me to open a bug report after checking
> that one didn't already exist in bugzilla.  I figured I could save 
> everyone time buy just sending it to the list.

Hi, David,

first of all, I'd like to say a big "Thank you" to you, for taking
the trouble to compile fairly current versions of KDE on *Solaris*
and report bugs or glitches. We've too few people doing this!

I think, not everybody has noticed the OS you was refering to.
Plus you was talking to the "core-devel" list, where everybody
reporting s.th. normally reports about a thing happened with the
"last night" build on Linux.

The tone here is sometimes a bit direct, but it is not meant to
be personal. I think it is good you've put things into context.
Sorry, if you felt unhappy about the first answer you got.

I am not a core developer myself, and am only "tolerated" on this
list because I normally keep quite...  ;-)  Plus maybe, because
I seem to be "Betatester No. 1" for all new KDEPrint features..
As I don't see this role filled for a Solaris guy yet, this
should be no problem. So, welcome!

I am not at all familiar with Solaris nor what might be the special
things you need to change. However, I was struggling over weeks
and months to get my KDE CVS to compile for me. My first build
from CVS also took nearly a week. Now I am on a schedule to
rebuild every few days during the night, and I have been doing
nearly all my work since last October on KDE-CVS systems, with
no major problems... (keeping important data in a safe backup

I learned to do and use a few things to make this possible:

* not using CVS-snapshots (which require huge downloads
   every time, but directly (read-only) accessing the CVS
   repository (which only downloads the diffs). If something
   doesn't compile, a simple "cvs update" 10 minutes later
   command might make it work already...

* initially I was not able to make CVS connections with the setup
   of our firewalling proxy; I learned to use "transconnect",
   which provides proxying over the https proxy, by LD_PRELOAD-ing
   all CONNECT calls with its own library functions. If you
   need that because you are in a similar situation, see

* automating the "cvs update" and build process with some little
   shell scripts, written by Michael Goffioul, probably similar to
   the ones everybody here uses...

You seem to be much more of a programmer than I am. But if you
think I can provide you with some more tipps, write me mail!

Again, thank you for testing KDE on Solaris!


> See, for me the problem happened yesterday, not 5 days ago.
> With all the kinks in the build process that I have to work out
> it takes a couple of days to build kdelibs, and another couple
> of days to build kdebase.  I won't even mention kdenetwork.
> If it didn't take like 6 hours to run through a complete build 
> maybe I could build all of the snapshots in a day.  Unfortunately, 
> even on an E6500, issuing a make -j 24 doesn't get the load 
> average much above 1.5.  So it takes a couple of weeks.  I 
> don't mind, really.  All I can do is report the problems when I 
> see them.
> I reported a problem with kdebase-020905 which could've
> been fixed simply by wrapping grant() in a #ifndef USE_SOLARIS
> in konsole_grantpty.c.  But it was still there in 020921 so
> I had no reason to believe that applnk/Makefile.am had been
> fixed either.  BTW, grant() is still there in 020927.
> Now, the whole reason for me switching to CVS snapshots
> from the stable branches was because any problem I reported
> before was so old it wasn't worth reporting.  I'm sorry that
> I can't report things until that are at least a few days old,
> but even if I downloaded 020927 today, I wouldn't be getting
> to kdebase until at least monday.  If people think I am wasting
> my time then I can just go back to the stable versions and
> live with the bugs that are there.
> - -Dave
> p.s. KDE rules

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