default toolbar icon size settings

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Thu Sep 26 21:12:22 BST 2002

I thought that my font settings weren't being respected (restored from        
KMainWindow::setAutoSaveSettings()).  As it turned out I had different       
settings for Main Toolbar Icon Size and Toolbar Icon Size.      
However, I made a couple of observations on the way to this amazing discovery:      
*) KToolbar doesn't check the right setting for toolbar icon sizes.  (patch     
attached -- though very possibly wrong) 
*) Why do we have different settings for "Main" toolbar icon sizes and other     
toolbar sizes? (globally -- in a specific application, where these are     
restored from the <app>rc file it makes perfect sense)  This seems really   
counterintuitive.   I doubt most users have any idea what the "main" toolbar  
is.  What's worse is that only the XML client checks for "main" toolbar 
settings, whereas when KToolbar is restoring the global default it always 
(trys) to use the "non-main" toolbar setting. 
I'll probably look through for other places that the icon setting name is 
inconcistant.  It looks like some of the KControl changes haven't completely 
propogated through the classes that read global settings. 
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