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On Thursday 26 September 2002 22:12, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> *) KToolbar doesn't check the right setting for toolbar icon sizes.  (patch     
> attached -- though very possibly wrong) 

Who/what saves "Size" ? Why was this changed ?
Why should the global and the local file have a different attribute name, when
all others are identical?

> *) Why do we have different settings for "Main" toolbar icon sizes and other     
> toolbar sizes? 

This was mainly Kurt Granroth's doing. His idea was that in all applications,
there's a main toolbar, and "extra" toolbars.
People might want big icons with text under them, in the main toolbar,
without having all the other toolbars become big at the same time (and occupying
the whole screen).

> (globally -- in a specific application, where these are     
> restored from the <app>rc file it makes perfect sense)  This seems really   
> counterintuitive.   I doubt most users have any idea what the "main" toolbar  
> is.

It's mainly the app which needs to know which one it is, not really the user.
But the idea was that it's quite obvious to the user too. I think it is, generally.

> What's worse is that only the XML client checks for "main" toolbar 
> settings, whereas when KToolbar is restoring the global default it always 
> (trys) to use the "non-main" toolbar setting. 

Hmm, should be easy to fix, since the toolbar is named "mainToolBar" if it's the
main one.

> I'll probably look through for other places that the icon setting name is 
> inconcistant.  It looks like some of the KControl changes haven't completely 
> propogated through the classes that read global settings. 

Why do people who reorganize kcontrol change the way things are saved
into config files? I mean, if the functionality hasn't changed.
If it has, then the question becomes indeed - why hasn't the reading code been
updated accordingly ;-)

The code related to settings in KToolbar is quite complex and touchy (check the
big comment I added in applySettings()), I'd really prefer if it didn't have to change,
just because some key was renamed in some config file for no particular reason....
This needs investigation, I guess ;)

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