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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at olympusproject.org
Thu Sep 26 20:47:14 BST 2002

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ksystemtray puts two items in its menu: quit  and restore/minimize ... 
however, since they are manually inserted the only way for subclasses to 
access these items is to perform ugly hacks like iterating through the menu 
and comparing the text used... kmix was doing this, for instance, to find the 
quit item.

attached is a patch that changes ksystemtray to use kactions and keep them in 
an action collection. this allows easy and standard access to the items it 
adds and allows for future flexibility.

i'd like to commit this for 3.1 to address a usability issue identified with 
the kmix system tray icon: users don't connect "restore" with "open up the 
mixer window". attached is a patch that shows how, with kactions, this would 
be easily addressed.

is this ok to commit?

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