Shortcut troubles

Stephan Kulow coolo at
Mon Sep 23 09:08:29 BST 2002

Am Sunday 22 September 2002 21:13 schrieb Stefan Asserhäll:
> Hi,
> I did a hack in Qt to display warnings for shortcut clashes in menus,
> to detect and fix them in the Swedish translation. The hack is strictly
> for debugging, and outputs a warning when a clash is found using
> qWarning. To get the warnings, a program must be run, to create
> the menus, and each RMB menu in the program must be clicked.
> Patch to qmenudata.cpp attached. I also sent an e-mail to
> kde-i18n-doc with this info.
> With these warnings in place I found two bugs (patches attached):
> 1. Upper and lower case are not handled by kdelibs/kdeui/kaccellgen.h.
> 2. Klipper shows '&' as '_' under the next character. (I'm not sure
>     that my patch solves the entire problem).
> There are also some clashes in the original English strings. Here
> are a few examples:
>   noatun: shortcut clash: '&Pause', '&Play'
>   noatun: shortcut clash: 'E&qualizer...', '&Quit'
>   kbabel: shortcut clash: 'Inser&t Tag', 'Cu&t'
>   kbabel: shortcut clash: 'Inser&t Argument', 'Cu&t'
>   kbabel: shortcut clash: 'Inser&t Argument', 'Inser&t Tag'
>   kbabel: shortcut clash: 'Inser&t Tag', 'Cu&t'
>   kbabel: shortcut clash: 'F&ind Selected Text', '&Insert Next Tag'
>   kbabel: shortcut clash: 'Con&figure Dictionary', '&Find Text'
>   catalogmanager: shortcut clash: 'Next Te&mplate Only', 'Next &Marked'
>   catalogmanager: shortcut clash: '&Open Template', '&Open'
>   konqueror: shortcut clash: '&Find File...', '&Forward'
>   konqueror: shortcut clash: '&Properties', '&Paste'
>   konqueror: shortcut clash: '&Properties', 'O&pen With...'
>   konqueror: shortcut clash: 'A&dd to Bookmarks', '&Delete'
>   konqueror: shortcut clash: 'O&pen With...', '&Paste'
>   konqueror: shortcut clash: 'Open in &Background Tab', '&Back'
>   konqueror: shortcut clash: 'Open in &New Tab', 'Create &New'
>   kate: shortcut clash: '&Linux', '&Large'
>   kate: shortcut clash: '&Close Terminal Emulator', '&Copy'
>   kmail: shortcut clash: '&Move to Trash', '&Move To'
>   kmail: shortcut clash: 'Save &As...', 'Reply to &All...'
These shouldn't clash - at all. They are in different submenus. The same
is true most likely for many others. Try dr. klash - it gives you more correct

Greetings, Stephan

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