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Tue Sep 17 16:04:48 BST 2002

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On Tuesday 17 September 2002 08:34 am, Don Sanders wrote:
> I be allowed to fork KMail and begin work on KMail2 a mail client
> largely based on KMail but with the intention of making radical
> fundamental changes to the core architecture as I describe in
> my "Stuff I'm working on" mail.
Don before you seriously think about this please talke to anyone on the 
KDevelop project. Gideon was forked because it was cooler and a more flexable 
design, but we always where fighting over what the "Official" branch was.  It 
almost killed the kdevelop project (killed is probiblly too harsh a word, but 
there where some hard feelings), becuase developer resources where scattered 
and some of us got pissed off enough that we stopped developing for a while.

While your ideas sound great, and may be great.  I diplore you to please try 
to get Michael to see your way.   

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