Last attempt at reconciliation

Daniel Molkentin daniel.molkentin at
Tue Sep 17 15:37:54 BST 2002

Hi Don, Michael!

On Tuesday 17 September 2002 14:34, Don Sanders wrote:
> I be allowed to fork KMail and begin work on KMail2 a mail client
> largely based on KMail but with the intention of making radical
> fundamental changes to the core architecture as I describe in
> my "Stuff I'm working on" mail.
> Would that be acceptable?

I'm fine with that, but please let's just keep it in the branch. On the 
zero-copy stuff: Just let's try it and see if it gives the expected results 
and if everybody can live with it. I'd like to let the branch become the 
official KMail again at some point and I hope Michael and the others can 
agree ona branch that is dedicated to rewrites.

I also don't see everyone is letching onto maintainership these days. After 
all, I can understand that kmail currently is a bit touchy which requires 
reviewal but this is what make_it_cool is supposed to solve after all. And 
during this process, there should be reasonable decitions and after all, 
experimenting a bit isn't a bad thing either, at least in the branch ;)


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