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On Tuesday 17 September 2002 14:34, Don Sanders wrote:
> I have been thinking some more about my position.
> I would like to present Michael the following final offer at a
> compromise:
> I be allowed to fork KMail and begin work on KMail2 a mail client
> largely based on KMail but with the intention of making radical
> fundamental changes to the core architecture as I describe in
> my "Stuff I'm working on" mail.
> Would that be acceptable?

In my latest count that means a 4th branch of KMail!

There are two things I know about branches; the always introduce bugs and 
inconsistencies. Plus the developer-resources are devided in different 

Again my normal advice: If at all possible avoid branching/forking!

Further; do you know what you are asking for?
you want to create a product that you will create largely (probably entirely)  
by yourself. No feedback from your peers.
you make a commitment to do a project that has soo big a chance of failing no 
translator or icon-creator will work on this. 
You will be lonely since new features can not be shared by your peers!
I think you can think of more (if not take another two beers :)

Still want this? Really?
Then you have my blessing; I think we could use some vertical development on 

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