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Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at
Thu Sep 12 15:20:51 BST 2002

Michael Goffioul wrote:

>>kdeextragear-1 ?
>>My (selfish) reason: kdeextragear-1 is reasonably small for me to
>>compile. Everything in there compiles for me. I am used to your
>>near-perfect releases and commits -- so skli would fit in there.
>>kdenonbeta is huuuuuge. 50% doesn't compile for me and needs a lot
>>of manual Makefile corrections. skli doesn't fit in there (other
>>than increasing the compilation rate success to 50,5%... ;-)
> You can only compile a small part of kdenonbeta:
> 1) checkout kde-common:
> 	cvs co kde-common
> 2) checkout kdenonbeta top dir only:
> 	cvs co -l kdenonbeta
> 4) create a link "admin" to kde-common in kdenonbeta:
> 	cd kdenonbeta && ln -s ../kde-common/admin admin
> 	cd ..
> 3) checkout the wanted application in kdenonbeta:
> 	cvs co kdenonbeta/appname
> 4) continue with normal compilation process:
> 	cd kdenonbeta
> 	make -f Makefile.cvs
> 	./configure
> 	make
> 	...
> This worked for me.

Oh, thanks Michael,

this is a very valuable tip. I appreciate it very much.

Kurt   [BTW, I still think skli it is better homed in kdeextragear-1
         because my subjective impression is, more people use it and
         there it is better "visible"...]

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