[Kde-pim] Re: Preannounce: Kroupware Project started

Matthias Kalle Dalheimer kalle at klaralvdalens-datakonsult.se
Wed Sep 11 10:34:42 BST 2002

On Wednesday 11 September 2002 11.34, Don Sanders wrote:
> On Wednesday 11 September 2002 17:21, Matthias Kalle Dalheimer wrote:
> > Hi Don,
> >
> > thanks for your heartwarming words!
> >
> > I will have to leave many of the actual technical answers to
> > Karl-Heinz, Bo and Steffen, since they are busy with the KMail
> > side, while I will mainly be on the KOrganizer side of this
> > project. But as a general note, I don't think that we will get
> > around having three branches right now:
> Understood.
> > HEAD: stabilizes towards KDE 3.1
> > make_it_cool: longer-term architectural changes
> > kroupware_branch: only as many architectural changes as are
> > necessary to meet our project objectives; drop-dead deadline on
> > Oct. 15
> Understood.
> > But of course I hope that we can integrate the branches as soon as
> > possible; an outline of how this can be done is contained in my
> > answer to Zack's email (sorry, I am not as virtuous with message
> > references...).
> Yes, I posted my own reply to Zack's message basically saying the same
> thing you did I think.
> > And, of course, if we need an architectural change for Kroupware
> > that you have already achieved in make_it_cool, we would be stupid
> > to reinvent the wheel; we'll certainly want to use your code then.
> Excellent I'm very happy to hear you say that.
> > And likewise, we would be very glad if you can make use of anything
> > we do. (The more we take from each other, the higher the hopes that
> > the three branches will converge again.) But, as I said, how this
> > is actually done is something I will have to leave to my colleagues
> > to work out. (Unlike Dilbert's pointy-haired boss, I know when to
> > get out of the way of my employees :-)) Karl-Heinz
> > <mailto:khz at klaralvdalens-datakonsult.se> is currently working on
> > the KParts integration, Bo <mailto:bo at klaralvdalens-datakonsult.se>
> > and Steffen <mailto:steffen at klaralvdalens-datakonsult.se> are
> > working on offline IMAP support.
> Ok. I might look at KParts integration this weekend myself and I'll
> definitely make sure I send a patch to Karl-Heinz for his review.
> > These two areas are probably the
> > biggest architectural changes we have to work on.
> I conversed with Bo about offline IMAP support. That discussion was
> short but I think that was because we couldn't find anything to
> disagree about.
> > Steffen is also
> > the project leader for the client side of Kroupware. The server
> > side is led by Martin Konold of long-term KDE fame
> > <mailto:konold at erfrakon.de>, the project as a whole by Bernhard
> > Reiter of Ägypten fame <bernhard.reiter at intevation.de>.
> Ok, one last thing and please, please, please people don't take
> offense at this because I know people can get very sensitive about
> this kind of thing. I think the idea of the project is great but I do
> wonder how aah, marketable the name kroupware will be, at least in
> english speaking countries.
> An alternative name that you might like to consider for a groupware
> product is KDE Kontact.
> I did a US trademark search.
> http://tess.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=toc&state=pqrag0.1.1&p_search=searchs
> There is a live trademark on 'Kontact' by some kind of aluminum
> coating company.
> 'Kontact Software Inc' also has a trademark but only on that complete
> string.
> If 'Kontact Software Inc' is ok I think 'KDE Kontact' should be ok.
> Freshmeat doesn't show any project with the name Kontact.
> There is sourceforge project called Kontact but that appears to be a
> still born project, no code has been written and the project has been
> inactive for months. (Didn't the creator of the project engage in a
> discussion several months ago where I said I though the name Kontact
> was really cool, grr)

No offense taken. Actually, we expect Kroupware to be a short-lived name, 
which is why we didn't spend much time on searching for a better one. It is 
the name of the current project and thus is likely to die once the project 
has been completed (administration-wise). The server has the working title 
Kolab, and the clients already have names: KMail and KOrganizer. There might 
be a need for common name for the integration of both, and Koalition has been 
proposed for this, but we have postponed this for now. (Kaplan, danimo's and 
mhk's work on integrating KMail and KOrganizer, might be another namegiving 


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