Christoph Cullmann crossfire at babylon2k.de
Sun Sep 8 22:59:26 BST 2002

some days ago, I have changed KDockWidget to use QStyle to render it's headers and have turned of
the "sticky" button (which has a very confusing "fullscreen" icon) as default. Some comments ? Perhaps
I have not used the right qstyle thingy for the close button, but at least this one looks nice and is stylable.
If somebody likes the sticky button on as default, please come up with a better icon ;)

And I have a other question: Why has KPovModeler a complete copy of the kdockwidget code from kdelibs ?
(got very confused that my changes don'T work in povmodeler until I found that ;)


Christoph "Crossfire" Cullmann
Kate/KDE developer
cullmann at kde.org

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