Andreas Zehender zehender at kde.org
Mon Sep 9 09:30:48 BST 2002


(Christoph, ignore my private message, I am subscribed to this list now.)
I have a full copy of the dockwidget classes in KPovModeler because the
KDockWidget class is not extendable at all.
1) I need a modified docking behavior for my application. The default
docking behavior is suitable for applications with a main area and some
docked widgets at one or two sides. I have only dock widgets and no main
area. The user will allways get lost trying to create layouts.
2) If the user closes a dock widget, the view should be deleted.
3) I use my own version of the layout saving as the user should be able
to edit it (the current configuration is far too complicated). And I
support multiple layouts that are saved in a xml resource file.
These are all reasons I can think of at the moment.
Please send me a diff of your latest changes so I can apply them to

 Andreas Zehender, Dipl. Ing. (BA)
 Student, 10th semester computer science
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