KDE 3.1 schedule reminder

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Mon Sep 2 21:05:59 BST 2002


I've updated the release schedule with the following changes: 

- Delaying Beta2 and everything afterwards by 2 weeks. Reason: 
  The additional delays we had for Beta1 release tarballs and
  the release announcement. It isn't helping us much if we release
  a Beta2 after only two weeks. 

- Delaying the feature freeze by one week. 

- Adding a documentation freeze around week 42 after requests from
  the documentation team. 

I had a short look at the feature plan for 3.1 and I think there are far too 
many items in the "red" part. Please (re-)move them to the appropiate 
section (yellow, green, or postpone it to the 3.2 release). 

You can find the most current version (as always) under


Comments, suggestions, opinions appreciated,

Dirk (received 1336 mails today)

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