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Charles Samuels charles at kde.org
Mon Sep 2 22:04:16 BST 2002

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Monday 02 September 2002 02:01 pm, skrev Andreas Zehender:
> Hi!
> On Monday 02 September 2002 22:05, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> > I had a short look at the feature plan for 3.1 and I think there are far
> > too many items in the "red" part. Please (re-)move them to the appropiate
> > section (yellow, green, or postpone it to the 3.2 release).
> How can I move features to another part? What file do I have to edit?
> I already send you a note that the planed KPovModeler features are finished
> (maybe they got lost in the many thousand mail you receive each day)


It's in cvs module 'developer.kde.org', the cvs tree is mirrored in http, and 
everyone can modify developer.kde.org..

I'm hereby volunteering to act as a proxy to the feature list file.  If you so 
desire, just tell me what you want changed and I'll take care of that.  No 
need to send me a diff!

I'll go through that file in a couple hours and make any updates I'm sure 
about.  First, lunchtime!

Hopefully this will give you more time to fix bugs, as I'm not really doing 
anything helpful anyway, these days; mostly because everything I code has no 
bugs :)

- -Charles

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