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Rob Kaper cap at capsi.com
Mon Sep 2 15:42:38 BST 2002

I received this message on Thursday, quite possible based on a response of
mine in one of the Red Hat threads. We've got quite a few desktop standards
but when it comes to styles/themes, colours and keybindings unfortunately we
do not.

Ellis: is our shortcut configuration format well-documented? Would it be
possible to have a system where both GNOME and KDE pull their generic
key bindings from the same resource?

Core: how about our color schemes? Kind of nonsense those would have to be
incompatible with GNOME. Styles are a bit trickier, as most of the styles
are code-based, but we should also support one pixmap theme config together
with other desktops and possible.

Please let me know your thoughts and raise your hand if you're willing to
unify some of these things in order to make a better world.


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Subject: 2005 Plan Free Standards Group (LSB and Li18nux) Survey

Hello Rob,

I have been asked to put together a three year plan, or road-map, by the
Free Standards Group. The goal of this effort is to make things more
attractive for ISVs to port their applications to Linux and thus expand
the markets Linux can move forward in.

As your opinions are valued much be us, I would like to ask your thoughts
on future directions that may help in realizing this goal.

I've attached a survey sheet for you to use in providing information that
will help us develop the plan for either the LSB or Li18nux, or both.

We are looking for your vision of technologies or features that, when added
to the current specification, would help increase compatibility among runtime
environments and thus make it easier and more cost effective for ISVs to
develop and maintain their applications on LSB certified systems.  If the
specifications provide the necessary details we all should be able to see
a move ahead into consumer markets where we today cannot go.

This is a brainstorming phase. All thoughts are welcome. (Think about what
you would like done in an ideal world with unlimited resources. :)

Please take time to fill in as much information as you can on survey, then
return it to me. Your comments on the needs and benefits are especially

I imagine you will have more than one idea to provide, so copy the survey to
provide one sheet for each feature or technology your feel is important.

As noted in the subject line, the survey may be used to give direction for
both LSB and Li18nux.

We are also considering changing the look of the current specification,
making a "core" piece and separating out ares which when added to the
core can specify various use profiles. (For example Desktop, Server,
embedded, etc. specification profiles.)

If there is someone else whom you feel I should contact about this please
let me know too.

Thanks for any feedback you can provide,
Doug Beattie
dbb at linkexplorer.com

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