kdepim depends on kdenetwork through mimelib

Best, Jan-Pascal van j.p.vanbest at tbm.tudelft.nl
Thu Sep 5 10:08:39 BST 2002

I wrote a couple of days ago:
> But seeing the scorching discussions about mimelib/KMime in 
> this group, I've looked more seriously at reading appointment 
> information from the Exchange server using direct webdav 
> property reading commands and I think it will be doable 
> for 3.2. The other way around, writing appointment to the
> server, is already done using webdav property setting commands.
> This would eliminate the need for mimelib completely.

This is now done, kdepim no longer depends on kdenetwork. 
I'm sorry if my question in the kmail list caused the heat to
go up even further.


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