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On Thursday October 31, 2002 03:26, David Faure wrote:
> If "no cr-* icon for apps which don't have different icons for crystal"
> indeed makes sense as a solution here (I'll let those who did the work
> on icon themes decide), then it applies to ALL applications in CVS,
> right? This is my point: either it is valid for ALL apps, or for none.
> Not "just for kit". So discuss this, with reasonable arguments, come to
> a conclusion, and *THEN* do the changes in CVS.

I agree with you 100%.

But look at it this way - if I went around and revived hi* to every app in 
KDE, what would have been the result?  I don't think it'd be pretty.  I'd 
have no justification, as I don't maintain icons and I don't maintain most 
of the apps.  I only had a right to fix the icons in my own apps.  I was 
only able to get you to discuss it this far, because I had a claim to my 

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