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On Friday 01 November 2002 00:10, Neil Stevens wrote:
> On Thursday October 31, 2002 03:00, David Faure wrote:
> > You're not the maintainer of the icon themes. Those who do the work on
> > icon themes, Antonio and Torsten, are. After public discussions, the
> > decision was taken that hicolor icons should move to kdeartwork. You
> > might agree or not, but doing things differently in ONE application is
> > out of the question. If you have concerns about the icon theme
> > decisions, raise them, with real arguments. But take action *only* after
> > an agreement has been reached. Doing it _before_ that is "abusively
> > reverting commits". It's exactly what you did here, going against the
> > global commit made by the icon theme maintainers.
> The icons in Kit were created by me or acquired by me from a Jabber client/
> As a set they have not been maintained by anyone but me.  Nobody but me
> has volunteered one minute to see that the icons are there and useful.

However nobody is removing the actual icons from you, only renaming them.
Your app keeps its icons. Only the *name* of the icons changed, which is a matter
only relevant to the icon theme maintainers. Why do you care that your icons got
renamed? This is nonsense. Every other app maintainer is perfectly fine with it
- - does that tell you something? I'm sick of your appetite for creating trouble 
whenever you can.

> Further, to blindly copy these icons (as Torsten did) and then move some
> around (as Stephan did, before he agreed with me and I reverted), causes
> there to be duplicated icons in cvs, and spreads over two modules the
> maintenance work for me.  Yes, you're making more work for me, in order to
> have two copies of these icons in cvs.

Well, either the icons are the same, and there's no work, or they are
different, and then there's a good reason for having both sets.
You're inventing things - what maintainance do those icons represent for you, or
for any application maintainer? How many times a day do you fix pixels
in your app's icon?

> Antonio has pointed out that *all* icon styles inherit from hicolor, which
> is hidden parent style in KDE.  So if the existing non-crystal icons are
> left as hi*, not only will things work fine for users of Crystal, but they
> will work for users of Highcolor, and every other style.  Additionally,
> there will be no duplicated files in cvs, and the maintenance will be kept
> in one place.
> So tell me, what is your argument for keeping two copies of files against
> the wishes of their maintainer?

I don't develop the icon themes. As I said, this is a matter to be taken up with
those who made the decision about icon themes. You might have a point here,
I finally start to see it now. Note how badly you conveyed that point up to now?
Instead of acting first (on CVS), instead of making sure you piss everyone off,
instead of being conflictive with everyone, can't you simply start a sane logical 
discussion on this list FIRST?

If "no cr-* icon for apps which don't have different icons for crystal" indeed
makes sense as a solution here (I'll let those who did the work on icon themes
decide), then it applies to ALL applications in CVS, right? This is my point:
either it is valid for ALL apps, or for none. Not "just for kit". So discuss this,
with reasonable arguments, come to a conclusion, and *THEN* do the changes
in CVS.

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