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On Friday 01 November 2002 00:35, Neil Stevens wrote:
> On Thursday October 31, 2002 03:26, David Faure wrote:
> > If "no cr-* icon for apps which don't have different icons for crystal"
> > indeed makes sense as a solution here (I'll let those who did the work
> > on icon themes decide), then it applies to ALL applications in CVS,
> > right? This is my point: either it is valid for ALL apps, or for none.
> > Not "just for kit". So discuss this, with reasonable arguments, come to
> > a conclusion, and *THEN* do the changes in CVS.
> I agree with you 100%.

A first :-)

> But look at it this way - if I went around and revived hi* to every app in
> KDE, what would have been the result?  I don't think it'd be pretty.  I'd
> have no justification, as I don't maintain icons and I don't maintain most
> of the apps.  I only had a right to fix the icons in my own apps.  I was
> only able to get you to discuss it this far, because I had a claim to my
> app.

This is _not_ about application maintainance, I already told you why.
This is about a technical discussion on the icon theme decision, let's 
have it first, and then we'll do the changes in CVS, if any.

You didn't have to create a conflict to get some discussion going - you
can very well post a reasonable post to this list (for instance), without that.
*Please* understand that. You do NOT have to create trouble/conflicts/flamewars,
to get some attention. Your first reply to Seli's clipboard suggestion was
sooo aggressive - for no reason! As usual, after the 5th or 6th post, one could
finally understand your point. So why not save everyone time (and blood pressure),
and give reasonable, justified, concrete arguments from the first post (like everyone
else), instead of creating a conflict and getting agressive?
It'll give everyone a much better impression of you, btw.

Your suggestion is finally out loud clear on this list, now the ball is in the
hand of Antonio and Torsten.

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