Fix : #45959 (normal): Remove / Add applet can result in adding two or more identical applets

Laurent Montel lmontel at
Mon Oct 28 09:17:37 GMT 2002


To fix this bug we must change in 
void ContainerArea::addApplet( const QString& desktopFile )
    AppletContainer* a = 
-        false,         // not startup
+       true,
        QString::null, // no config
        viewport() );

But what is the usefull of this boolean ?

There is two policies when we start kicker and after when we add new applet.
Is it normal ?


AppletContainer* PluginManager::createAppletContainer(
    const QString& desktopFile, bool isStartup, const QString& configFile, 
QPopupMenu* opMenu, QWidget* parent )

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