Fix : #45959 (normal): Remove / Add applet can result in adding two or more identical applets

John Firebaugh jfirebaugh at
Tue Oct 29 05:21:59 GMT 2002

On Monday 28 October 2002 1:17, Laurent Montel wrote:
> To fix this bug we must change in
> void ContainerArea::addApplet( const QString& desktopFile )
> {
>     AppletContainer* a =
> PluginManager::pluginManager()->createAppletContainer(
>         desktopFile,
> -        false,         // not startup
> +       true,
>         QString::null, // no config
> 	_opMenu,
>         viewport() );
> .....

That would fix the problem, but it isn't the correct fix.

> But what is the usefull of this boolean ?

It (indirectly) controls whether applets are loaded internally or via 

> There is two policies when we start kicker and after when we add new
> applet. Is it normal ?

There are config parameters (but no longer UI) for controlling lots of things 
about which applets are loaded internally and which by appletproxy. One of 
the options is to trust all startup applets, hence the boolean.

The problem is that we don't detect which applets are running in appletproxy, 
and disable those menu items.


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