recent change in kstdaction::back/forward

Simon Hausmann hausmann at
Tue Oct 22 11:45:46 BST 2002

Hi Diego,

revision 1.80
date: 2002/10/04 12:06:23;  author: iastrubni;  state: Exp;  lines: +16 -3
Reverse the left/right icons in Back/Forward, Prior/Next in RTL desktops.
If anyone whishes to to use th originals (lett for back for example), even in RTL desktops,
please use KStdGuiItem.

This introduces an inconsistency between KStdAction and KGuiItem that should
not exist IMHO. 

Do you mind if I revert your change and introduce an overloaded back/fwd method
like in KStdGuiItem, with the same the default (ignoreRTL) , along with a
method that returns a pair of actions?

Which applications did your change affect, btw? (so they can be fixed then)


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