Making snapshots of qt-copy

Simon Hausmann hausmann at
Mon Oct 21 12:57:07 BST 2002

On Mon, Oct 21, 2002 at 12:18:51PM +0100, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> Quoting Chris Howells <"chris at">:        
> > Is there any chance of making daily snapshots of qt-copy in addition         
> > to the regular modules? Unfortunately it's rather difficult for me         
> > to use CVS at the moment due to the fact that I have no choice but         
> > to use metered dialup access, although I do have access to faster         
> > machines with CD writers which I could use to download tarballs.        
> I believe that this is not done because of the QPL's requirement that you       
> can't distribute modified versions of Qt.  However, it shouldn't be a problem       
> to put the latest public releases of Qt plus a diff from that release to      
> qt-copy.      

I don't think that's a problem, we use Qt under the terms of the
GPL, don't we?


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