Making snapshots of qt-copy

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Mon Oct 21 13:12:29 BST 2002

Quoting Simon Hausmann <hausmann at>:  
> I don't think that's a problem, we use Qt under the terms of the  
> GPL, don't we?  
No, not in all cases.  There are several parts of KDE outside of the libs that use GPL 
incompatible, yet QPL compatible licenses. 
For instance Noatun is under a BSD license, which can't link to GPL'ed libs.  I know that 
some of the Noatun plugins are under an Artistic license.  There are other places in KDE 
that require a QPL'ed Qt, but the Noatun examples are just the ones that come to mind. 
So to preserve the ability to treat Qt as something licenesed under the QPL, we must 
distribute it in a form compatible with the QPL. 

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