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On Saturday 19 October 2002 03.36, Malte Starostik wrote:
> On Saturday 19 October 2002 03:15, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > hello...
> >
> > bug # notes what several others have observed: why is there both an image
> > and a picture preview option? looking at the code, one does svg and the
> > other one is more general. from the perspective of the user this doesn't
> > make much sense at all. attached is a patch that merges the two thumbnail
> > generators into one.
> For me as a user it does make some sense: one is about bitmaps, the other
> about vector graphics, YMMV.

Vector graphics and bitmap graphics are all images, and all pictures.  Perhaps 
"image" and "drawing" is clearer, but you can as well draw something and save 
it as a gif.  Vector images are commonly called clipart, but clipart isn't 
always vectors, and not all vectors are clipart :)

I seem to recall "Bitmap Images" and "Vector Images" being shot down as too 
technical, but at least they are explicit as to the difference.

I think I like the idea of just showing one option, I also can't think of a 
single reason I would want previews of only some of the images in a folder.

I'm more likely to turn off previews for an entire folder, because the images 
are too big, than I am for just one type of image in a folder of mixed 

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