thumbnails: images vs picture

Rolf Magnus ramagnus at
Sat Oct 19 15:21:59 BST 2002

On Saturday 19 October 2002 13:41, Lauri Watts wrote:

> Vector graphics and bitmap graphics are all images, and all pictures.
> Perhaps "image" and "drawing" is clearer, but you can as well draw something
> and save it as a gif.  Vector images are commonly called clipart, but
> clipart isn't always vectors, and not all vectors are clipart :)

Hmm, I have pictures, images (which btw. still both are translated to "Bilder" 
in German) _and_ clipart in the menu.

> I seem to recall "Bitmap Images" and "Vector Images" being shot down as too
> technical, but at least they are explicit as to the difference.

Also "bitmap" is almost always used wrong thanks to Microsoft. Note that a 
Bitmap always has exactly one bit per element (with an element being a pixel 
in the case of graphics, which isn't the only context where that word is 
used). Everywhere outside the Microsoft world, it's usually called pixmap.

> I think I like the idea of just showing one option, I also can't think of a
> single reason I would want previews of only some of the images in a folder.

I don't know any reason why I'd want one of "html files" and "web archives" 
(those tar.gz files with a html and all the images it needs) to be displayed, 
but not the other.

> I'm more likely to turn off previews for an entire folder, because the
> images are too big, than I am for just one type of image in a folder of
> mixed images.

You can specify the maximum file size for previews.

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