Kicker child panels' PanelAppletOpMenu

Martijn Klingens klingens at
Thu Oct 17 19:49:59 BST 2002

On Thursday 17 October 2002 01:51, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> There's an ugly solution to this (which I just mentioned to Aaron on IRC,
> but he seems to be AFK), which involves moving the child panel extension
> code to kicker/core.  It now builds and fixes the bug, but is quite dirty. 
> I'll see if I can find a less dirty way of fixing this in the next couple
> of days.  If not, this can be kept around as a last-ditch fix before the
> release.  I'll make sure that *something* fixes the bug before the release.

Using QObject::inherits() and qt_cast doesn't work?

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