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Tue Oct 15 22:41:17 BST 2002

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On Tuesday 15 October 2002 05:54, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> What it comes down to is some code in kdebase/kicker/ui/appletop_mnu.cpp
> (/me kicks whoever's idea it was to abbreviate menu "mnu" ;-) ).

kicker has all sorts of "save a keystroke!" abreviations. and i agree that 
they suck. nothing as bad as Qt, though ;-)

> Basically there's an ugly hack in there to determine the correct panel. 
> But *this has been explicitly removed* (commented out rather)

not only did i explicitly remove it, i was also the one who explicitly put it 
in ;-P

> Describing the code a bit, there's a loop that checks back through the
> "parenthood" tree to see what the applet in question is attached to is and
> stores a pointer to the parent.  This parent finding business has been
> replaced by "Panel::the()" which is just the "main" panel singleton
> accessor thingy.

well, no. the code that is in there (Panel::the()) was the original code. the 
parent-finding code that is commented out was an attempt to fix the 
braindamage after noticing what a usability botch-up it is. the code was then 
commented out when people had trouble compiling it. *sigh*

> It looks like this was done in preparation for some design changes that
> never happened, but the code was last touched a month ago.  Aaron, care to
> explain yourself?  ;-)  I'd submit a patch, but well, it's already there...

short story: the "fix" in there is a nasty hack and certain (rather 
annoying/broken/uptight) compilers won't compile it. maybe i'll take a look 
at it again and see if i can find a less-nasty hack that works ;-)

the real fix requires some fairly substantial design fixes in kicker itself. 
hopefully 3.2 will see those changes occur (he says looking in the mirror)

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