Kicker child panels' PanelAppletOpMenu

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Wed Oct 16 00:54:06 BST 2002

I just spent a while trying to figure out why the Kicker child menus' 
"PanelAppletOpMenu" -- that thing that you get when you click on the tiny 
arrow next to panel applets -- change the settings for the main Kicker panel 
rather than the child panel.

What it comes down to is some code in kdebase/kicker/ui/appletop_mnu.cpp (/me 
kicks whoever's idea it was to abbreviate menu "mnu" ;-) ).

Basically there's an ugly hack in there to determine the correct panel.  But 
*this has been explicitly removed* (commented out rather) and replaced by the 
nice, clean and wrong behavior of just using the "main" panel.

Describing the code a bit, there's a loop that checks back through the 
"parenthood" tree to see what the applet in question is attached to is and 
stores a pointer to the parent.  This parent finding business has been 
replaced by "Panel::the()" which is just the "main" panel singleton accessor 

It looks like this was done in preparation for some design changes that never 
happened, but the code was last touched a month ago.  Aaron, care to explain 
yourself?  ;-)  I'd submit a patch, but well, it's already there...



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