Problem with context help

Ellis Whitehead ellis at
Wed Oct 9 22:30:46 BST 2002

When selecting "What's This" from the Help menu, it works properly.  When 
pressing the shortcut key, it doesn't work.  The proper slot _is_ called, 

void KHelpMenu::contextHelpActivated()
  QWidget* w = QApplication::widgetAt( QCursor::pos(), TRUE );
  while ( w && !w->isTopLevel() && !w->inherits("QXEmbed")  )
      w = w->parentWidget();
#ifndef Q_WS_QWS
   if ( w && w->inherits("QXEmbed") )
	  (( QXEmbed*) w )->enterWhatsThisMode();

If you press Shift+F1 and keep it held down, you'll see that the cursor keeps 
briefly changing to the What'sThis cursor, but immediately back to normal.  
Anyone know what's happing?


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