Structure of our websites (in CVS + on the servers)

Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett duncan at
Mon Oct 14 07:08:15 BST 2002

El Monday 14 October 2002 02:47, Neil Stevens escribió:
> Well, *if* the KDE sites all go to the same style, and *if*
> site doesn't go along, then maybe should be renamed to

I do not agree, since it is part of kde. and it is on a different machine just 
because it is easier to maintain a custom homepage engine. Noatun and Kopete 
have cool pages since at least kopete tries to form a sub-community of users, 
so we have a very custom site, very nice, maintained, and I would not feel 
the same if the Kopete url changes to since we are part of kde.
It would be better if redirects to and so on


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