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Oswald Buddenhagen ossi at
Wed Oct 9 04:51:17 BST 2002

On Tue, Oct 08, 2002 at 10:34:39PM -0400, George Staikos wrote:
> Yes, I think it should be "Start new session...".
well ... :)

> I think the current behaviour is very dangerous.  Here's why:
> [some good reasons]

>     What we need:
> - A message box to let the user know what is happening and confirm/cancel.  
what do the i18n people say? again, it would affect kicker, kdesktop and
kdestop_lock (i hate this code duplication ...) and it would be a rather
longish text for a message box.

> This should not have the "Do not show me again" box.  It's just not a
> safe thing imho.
that's paranoid.
the thing that is really missing is a way to turn off the feature in the
control center, so if you found it unusable/useless, you could get rid
of it. currently the only way is editing Xservers by hand, which hardly
can be called a solution.

> - A warning in the message box that says that some hardware cannot
> handle this behaviour and it could cause lockups and/or fail.
if you want ...
note: this is not a hardware thing, but always broken drivers. one more
reason for the vendors to fix their drivers. :)

> - A way to manage the sessions
(and why it's already in head: :})

> It would even be nice to be able to get a chooser from there too.
say hi to the make_it_cool branch or risk being killed by merging it
into head now. :)


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