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George Staikos staikos at
Wed Oct 9 03:34:39 BST 2002


    Yes, I think it should be "Start new session...".  I think the current 
behaviour is very dangerous.  Here's why:

1) it does something drastic that the user cannot reasonably predict.  It 
immediately changes vt and starts another X session.  The average user will 
not realise that this has happened.  In my case, it takes 10 seconds to 
switch to a new X server on a new vt (G550 dualhead).

2) This behaviour locks up some hardware.  Some Matrox and NVidia 
cards+drivers at least.

3) There is no way to track things.  I can easily see people starting many 
sessions and not realising it.

    What we need:

- A message box to let the user know what is happening and confirm/cancel.  
This should not have the "Do not show me again" box.  It's just not a safe 
thing imho.

- A warning in the message box that says that some hardware cannot handle this 
behaviour and it could cause lockups and/or fail.

- A way to manage the sessions - perhaps something in the tray or on kicker.  
The user should know if other sessions are open and be able to switch easily, 
as well as be given the chance to switch over on logout so that the machine 
isn't shut down with active sessions.

Now, please don't be too offended if some of this has been implemented or is 
planned.  Consider this my support for the design.  Otherwise,  I think it 
should seriously be considered.  I just stumbled across this feature and it 
is most certainly not obvious or user friendly in its current form.  That 
being said, I love it as a feature and can't wait to use it more.  It would 
even be nice to be able to get a chooser from there too.  Then I would really 
love it!!


George Staikos

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