Linux Expo London -- Urgent

Philip Hands phil at
Fri Oct 4 12:36:12 BST 2002

On Fri, 2002-10-04 at 11:47, Chris Howells wrote:
> Hi,
> Phil Hands who's organising the .org section at the London Linux 
> Expo was recently on IRC. He urgently needs to know whether people 
> can run/help the KDE booth at he London Linux Expo (contact him at 
> phil at if you can). He needs to know _by the end of today_.
> If he doesn't hear by today, KDE won't have a booth :(

In case you're wondering, it's on the 9th & 10th of this month (i.e. Wed
& Thur next week) in London Olympia:

I just need one person to declare that they'll _definitely_ be there for
KDE to be included, so you don't all have to commit straight away, as
long as someone does, then you can fight over who else is turning up
over the weekend.

The show blurb is here:

You'll get a stand (probably about 3mx3m) with plain walls, hopefully a
table, maybe a chair, and power if you're lucky (or a health & safety
infringing extension if not ;-).  We _might_ have some sort of
bandwidth, but I'm not sure.

What you need to provide is posters, flyers (if you want), demo
system(s) (if you want), and yourselves.

If that's all too difficult, we can probably make the Debian stand a bit
bigger, so if you're happy demoing on a spare debian box, and you could 
have a corner of our stand to huddle in :-)

It would be a shame to only have one of the two available desktops
represented, so pull your finger out someone and make sure that KDE is
there as well  (that should do the trick <evil grin>)

Cheers, Phil.
Say no to software patents!

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