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Fri Oct 4 12:59:08 BST 2002

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On Friday 04 October 2002 12:36 pm, Philip Hands wrote:
> On Fri, 2002-10-04 at 11:47, Chris Howells wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Phil Hands who's organising the .org section at the London Linux
> > Expo was recently on IRC. He urgently needs to know whether people
> > can run/help the KDE booth at he London Linux Expo (contact him at
> > phil at if you can). He needs to know _by the end of today_.
> > If he doesn't hear by today, KDE won't have a booth :(
> In case you're wondering, it's on the 9th & 10th of this month (i.e. Wed
> & Thur next week) in London Olympia:
> I just need one person to declare that they'll _definitely_ be there for
> KDE to be included, so you don't all have to commit straight away, as
> long as someone does, then you can fight over who else is turning up
> over the weekend.

I will definitely be there. However I will only do a KDE stand if someone else 
will be able to help.

> The show blurb is here:
> You'll get a stand (probably about 3mx3m) with plain walls, hopefully a
> table, maybe a chair, and power if you're lucky (or a health & safety
> infringing extension if not ;-).  We _might_ have some sort of
> bandwidth, but I'm not sure.
> What you need to provide is posters, flyers (if you want), demo
> system(s) (if you want), and yourselves.
Again, I don't fancy sitting in a bare cubicle with nothing but a machine 
running KDE. Are posters, flyers available?

> If that's all too difficult, we can probably make the Debian stand a bit
> bigger, so if you're happy demoing on a spare debian box, and you could
> have a corner of our stand to huddle in :-)

This is currently my intention. I would rather have a Debian/KDE display than 
no KDE display at all. 

> It would be a shame to only have one of the two available desktops
> represented, so pull your finger out someone and make sure that KDE is
> there as well  (that should do the trick <evil grin>)
> Cheers, Phil.

So basically KDE will have a presence at the show. If someone or some people 
are able to cover a KDE stand as well, then I think we should have a KDE 

I was intending to display KDE 3.1 beta. Any complaints?

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