KControl "Regional & Accessibility" Group

Oswald Buddenhagen ossi at kde.org
Thu Oct 3 19:11:35 BST 2002

On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 11:58:41AM -0600, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> the important question is: will it hamper the user's ability to find
> the panels within it? "logical layout" (or what i call "the vulcan
> principle" ;) is secondary to this.
> >  And beyond that, how does Keyboard Shortcuts fit into the above
> >  group?
> it's how you access things (i'm almost kidding =) it also puts it near
> the keyboard layout panel and the accessability keyboard settings.
i had a really hard time finding it. probably mostly, because i know
what "regional & accessibility" commonly refer to and it has really
_nothing_ to do with each other (keyboard accessibility is part of
peripherials->keyboard in my understanding (oh, what surprise, some
settings are acutally duplicated). so if it is in an own group, i expect
only other accessibility related hardware settings in this group).  i
also don't get, what this has in common with regional settings. the
meaningless name "personalization" was much more intuitive in this
regard, as you could guess it's some sort of "dust bin", so you'll find
there setting you did not find anywhere else.

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