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On Thursday 03 October 2002 08:39, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> What is the logic behind grouping "Regional & Accessibility" together?!? 
> Was that just a catch all?

no. we had 2 groups that each had one or two items in them and those items had 
similarities (e.g. the keyboard), and so to limit the total number of groups 
(we already had too many), they were put together.

the important question is: will it hamper the user's ability to find the 
panels within it? "logical layout" (or what i call "the vulcan principle" ;) 
is secondary to this.

>  And beyond that, how does Keyboard Shortcuts
> fit into the above group?

it's how you access things (i'm almost kidding =) it also puts it near the 
keyboard layout panel and the accessability keyboard settings.

> Personally it makes more sense to me to toss them back into peripherals,
> but I stay away from constructive suggestions.  :-)

peripherals is hardware, not user interaction.

cf the long threads on kde-usability for more in-depth exploration of how the 
current structure was arrived at.

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