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Charles Samuels charles at
Sun Jun 30 06:04:41 BST 2002

lørdag 29 juni 2002, 05:02 pm, skrev Aaron J. Seigo:
> > Why would a user configure kspell if they don't run it ? :)
> heh.. of course they wouldn't, but expecting a user to figure out that the
> way to configure it is to run a spell check on a document and click on
> configure is not a very logical set of steps to expect them to go through.
> it would be like telling them that to configure kmail they first have to
> send a dummy email.

It's like telling them to Run KMail before they configure KMail.  No user 
would say "I want to spell check, I'll run kcontrol to configure it"

> > They have konsole to configure with if they want.  We have to consider
> > that every item we put in KControl slows down the user further.  Why
> > provide more than one location to configure apps?
> because if they only ever use konsole as a part in, say, konqi or kdevelop
> how will they configure it? tell them to open up konsole itself? there
> ought to be a place users can go to configure such parts in a central
> place.
> and that central place ought to be specifically for kpart configuration.

That I could agree with!

Except that users won't see "The Konsole part in Kate" as "The Konsole Part", 
they'll see it as "That thing in Kate which works like Konsole"


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