RFC: Preview names

Rolf Magnus ramagnus at t-online.de
Fri Jun 28 23:29:56 BST 2002

On Friday 28 June 2002 16:11, Florian Ehrenthal wrote:

> i'd love to see that renamed, how often did i ask myself the the damn
> difference between picture and image previews is...
> but i might miss the difference due to the fact that i ain't a native
> (english) speaker. though i ask my self how this is being translated for
> example to german, where both translate to "bild".

I wonder if they need to be separate at all.

> i vote for "bitmap image" and "vector image" (err vector graphics?)

Please don't use the term "bitmap". It's wrong! A bitmap is a map of which 
each element is represented by one bit (hence the name) and btw, bitmap is a 
gerneral term that's not only used in graphics. If you refer to graphical 
bitmaps, it's only correct if it has no more than one bit per pixel. Yes, I 
know Microsoft uses "bitmap" for everything that has pixels, but that doesn't 
make it less wrong. The correct word is "pixmap" (a map of pixels), and it's 
also the common name for it under Unix.

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