RFC: Preview names

Simon MacMullen simon.macmullen at aspectgroup.co.uk
Fri Jun 28 15:33:01 BST 2002

From: Chris Howells
> On Friday 28 June 2002 1:15 pm, Simon MacMullen wrote:
> > I want to rename "Image" to "Bitmap Image", and "Picture" 
> to "SVG Image"
> > (or is it the other way around...?). The current names are 
> *not* intuitive.
> What's not intuitive about them? Your suggested names are way 
> too geeky and complicated.

Depends what we're trying to do. If we want to have a single item for
"pictures of all types" (as suggested elsewhere on this thread, wish I'd
thought of that), then that's great.

But if we're going to distinguish between different types of images, we can
either use "geeky" terminology, which helps at least some users, or else
expect them to distinguish between "Image", "Picture" and "Clipart", which
is impossible for all users.

OK. Lots of people suggest merging. I like this too. Who is going to be
brave and put their name against it in the planned feature document? (In
which I can already see the ice crystals forming...)

I will if no-one else will, but I'm not sure of the best approach to take...

Cheers, Simon

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