[and my PATCH] Re: kde 3.1 -- make Keramik default?

Vadim Plessky lucy-ples at mtu-net.ru
Fri Jun 14 19:43:56 BST 2002

On Friday 14 June 2002 6:59 pm, Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:
|  On Thursday 13 June 2002 09:28, Vadim Plessky wrote:
|  > On Thursday 13 June 2002 5:17 am, Maks Orlovich wrote:
|  >
|  > I like Maks' modifications better (not to offend anyone here).
|  Yes, they are very good. But a little too shiny.
|  > But:
|  > 1) widgets still look like to blurry
|  >  check top part of buttons, scrollbars
|  >
|  > 2) scrollbars's arows and listboxes' arrows are HUGE
|  > I know this issue was addresed soem time ago - but ANY kind of testing
|  > would be useful only with well-sized widgets. Before this, it's too
|  > early to say wether widget looks ok with this color, or not.
|  >
|  > 3) Window Decoratiojns - they are BLUE on all screenshots!
|  > No respect for theme colors (color scheme).
|  > To tell more: Atlas and Win2k colors look like incompatible with this
|  > (Keramik-Blue) Window Decorations.
|  Take a look at these screenshots then:
|  http://sneulv.dk/snapshot-atlas.png
|  http://sneulv.dk/snapshot-default.png
|  http://sneulv.dk/snapshot-redmond2000.png
|  http://sneulv.dk/snapshot-default.png

Screenshots look cool! Thanks a lot!

BTW: can someone with CVS account add my color schemes to existing ones (from 
the archieve attached)?
it's just 4K compressed, so should be ok for kdelibs :-)

There are following themes/color schemes inside:

Blue Fantasy
Blue Gradient
Citrus Reverse
Diesel Blue
Diesel GreenBlue
Egypt Brown
Lime Reverse

Most of them IIRC (most of this stuff was finished in September 2001, so don't 
rememebr exactly) use gradients, so with should work nice with your patch and 

Pls let me know if you need short (verbose) story about each color theme.
KDE's COntrol Center doesn't allow any comments for color schemes - such a 
pity... may be, it should be placed in ## comments?

P.S. I believe Keramik should look nice with your patch and those colors.

|  It uses both the base and the blend colour for colourizing the window
|  decorations.  Unfortunately this method doesnt look very good on
|  colourschemes that does not have gradients.
|  The patch is attached.
|  greetings
|  Allan


Vadim Plessky
http://kde2.newmail.ru  (English)
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