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Kurt Granroth granroth at
Thu Jun 6 21:53:48 BST 2002

On Wednesday 05 June 2002 10:50 pm, Thomas Zander wrote:
> But I (a debian user) want to be able to run binairies I got from company
> XYZ. is that not impossible since they want to build against <any_distro>
> and have links to the wrong libs?

My initial reaction is to say that that doesn't happen enough to justify 
keeping the versions the same.. but on further thought, I realized that you 
are right.  It's hard enough to get non-deb binary packages to run in 
Debian without guaranteeing that Debian kdelibs is incompatible with every 
other distro's version :-(

> Also I have never been successful in running KDE2 binairies alongside
> KDE3 anyway, they always crash; or just look horrible.  So we screwed up
> the kde2 BackwardsCompatability anyway.  I'd say forget about it..

I have been successful in getting some kde2 apps to run in kde3 (cdbakeoven 
definitely does)... but it's not pretty.  All mimetype related actions 
refuse to work (with lots of pretty error dialogs) and all fonts and widget 
sizes are screwed.

In the end, my conclusion is that it's not worth it.  I'm going to back off 
the repackageing and reversioning kick :-/
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