KDE 3.1 release schedule draft

Piotr Szymanski djurban at linuxpl.org
Mon Jun 3 07:44:15 BST 2002

Once on a beatiful day Monday 03 June 2002 07:44, Thomas Diehl wrote:
> Together with KOffice and vague plannings on 3.0.2 this means that
> translators (and a lot of other people) have to meet 3 release dates during
> the main vacation time in many countries: KOffice in July, 3.1 in August
> (if we keep early September), and 3.0.2 somewhere in between. If I remember
> correctly from past years, activity esp. in August is minimal. And although
> the releases are not of equal importance (esp. 3.0.2) this seems a bit much
> to me.
Yes, but I have agood idea. With this schedule it is very probable that one of 
the releases 3.1 or 3.0.2 will not get translators attention. I think that 
i18n teams should leave the 3_0_BRANCH (because they will not be able to 
finish both 3.0.2 and 3.1) and just work on HEAD now, this would give them 
more time to finish evrything for 3.1 (over 1 month).

> OK, it's clear that we can't implement them "all", but probably we could
> implement a whole lot more and give people a little time to take a breath
> in between if we give some more time. I'd prefer if we could aim at
> something like late October, early November. Even with the usual delays we
> still would be out before the Christmas break then.
I second that.

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