Inclusion of kmag into kdegraphics?

Stefan Gehn sgehn at
Mon Dec 30 11:25:56 GMT 2002


On Montag Dezember 30 2002 10:36, Stephan Binner wrote:
> seems it's the time for KDE 3.2 proposals: Are there any arguments against
> including KMagnifier ( into kdegraphics? Its

Sorry but I only have an argument _for_ including it :)
It's far more usable then xmag and we are missing a magnifying glass in KDE. 
It's really handy to debug kde-styles and such stuff and in recent versions 
kmag also got a lot better (less cpu-usage). The only thing I remember is the 
non-standard GUI (no menubar) and that I wasn't able to compile it some time 
ago (was something about the automess files I think, that'd be fixed anyway 
if kmag gets into kdegraphics).

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