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Sat Dec 28 22:48:07 GMT 2002

El Jueves, 26 de Diciembre de 2002 15:30, Hans Petter Bieker escribió:
> On Wed, 25 Dec 2002, Cornelius Schumacher wrote:
> > Are you aware of the date and time selection widgets in
> > kdepim/libkdepim/kdateedit.{h,cpp} and
> > kdepim/korganizer/ktimeedit.{h,cpp}?
> I am now, but I wasn't. Perhaps we should try to merge kdatewidget with
> kdateedit and ktimewidget with ktimeedit. I guess the reason why we have
> a few such widgets laying around is the lack of features in the current
> widgets.

I added some weeks ago some methods to KDateTable but didn't commit them 
yet (but I'm using them in a new app I'm developing).

I didn't had any conflict (surprisingly :) ) when updating cvs after all 
those changes you've been doing in those classes, but anyway, I'd like to 
commit my changes as soon as possible.

They add support to specify the color in which to paint a given day, and 
also, if you want to mark days with a filled square or circle, in order to 
keep those days "highlighted" in an special way.

The change to KDatePicker is just an accesor to get the KDateTable object 
that KDatePicker uses to be able to call the methods I added there.

Also, I added a signal aboutToShowContextMenu( KPopupMenu * menu, const 
QDate &date); so that you can make KDateTable open a menu when you right 
click on a date and add entries before it's shown, depending on the date 
the user clicked on.

Should I commit the attached patch ?

Greetings, and merry christmas,

Antonio Larrosa Jimenez
KDE developer - larrosa at
Take care of self-appointed experts.
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