Severe thumbnail problems

Malte Starostik malte at
Fri Dec 20 21:44:58 GMT 2002

On Friday 20 December 2002 16:50, George Staikos wrote:
> There are severe problems with the thumbnail code.  It seems to launch an
> infiinite number of artsd processes and uses 100% cpu load on my laptop,
> which I have set to NOT run artsd.  So I say to myself, that's ugly, but I
> can launch kcontrol and just disable previews.  After searching around for
> a while, the best I can find are:
> 1) Something about previews and kioslaves - very confusing gui in general,
> and not very useful.
> 2) KDesktop preview settings - they're all disabled.
> So I think, why on earth is it still making these thumbnails.  Then I am
> told that it is in Konqueror under View->Previews...   Why do we have a
> KControl module embedded in a menu item that only appears occasionally? 
> This is not right.

Agreed. I'd still like the menu as a quick access method and for per-directory 
settings, but this should go into the kcontrol module too, for defaults.

> I would like to either see a clean fix for both problems (horrible
> configuration method, launching artsd when it should not/using 100% cpu),
> or disable audio and video previews by default for 3.1.0.  Using 100% cpu
> in the background without end is a showstopper as far as I'm concerned.

Yes, but this is an artsd bug then, isn't it? It should a) not start artsd if 
it's disabled, even if client code tries to start it (just return a Null 
soundserver object) or would that break more than the current behaviour does? 
And of course even if it's started it shouldn't consume 100% CPU for not 
doing anything. What does it do with all the cycles? Busy waiting?
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